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  • The spell checking  feature.
  • Easy reach to your downloads in the Tool Menu.
  • Using the Link Pad
  • Using the mini browser

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jasminder singh Senior editor

This program has been discontinued.
It is no longer being updated, and you won't be able to obtain it from its original developer.
Netscape Navigator 9 is a web browsing tool by NETSCAPE, one of the most powerful web development company.
Netscape offers high speed web browsing along with one click web search from the Netscape search bar. Now you don't need to download a search tool bar.
Just like other internet browsers Netscape can be handled by home, stop, reload and history buttons.
Using the file menu you can save a web page as HTML or plain text (.TXT).
Netscape also carries a built-in spell checker.

Netscape Navigator allows the user to open multiple sites in one window. Each site opens in a different tab. You can bookmark all the sites opened in window with one click.
You can easily replace your older web browser with Netscape, because Netscape offers automatic backup of cookies and favorites. So you won't have to lose sites important for you.
One more interesting feature about Netscape is it's Link Pad. You can add any link to Link Pad by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save link to Link Pad". This feature is useful when you don't need a link for longer use .

Netscape offers a mini browser also. It opens a small vertical window at the left side. This feature is very useful if you are searching for something as well browsing a site.
Error console is useful to see any error, a broken link message or a warning. Windows Media, Free Hotmail and Windows Marketplace are given as bookmarks.
So at last Netscape Navigator is a fast web browsing tool with lots of new features which can get you rid of your old browser.


  • Netscape offers easy web surfing .It can automatically backup your IE cookies and favorites .
  • Multiple site browsing in the same window and
  • In build spell checker worths downloading the software.


  • None.
  • It is a good software.

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    dtucker 6 years ago

    We installed the RST iTouch system in our restaurant, The Unicorn, some years ago. From the moment we started to use it, we had nothing but problems, with the system constantly crashing, leaving us in a situation whereby we had to manually write the bills. The support we were promised was non-existent, and when we eventually did get any support, we were told the problems were to do with our power supply, and that we would need to invest over €1,100 in installing power supply levellers.
    We independently got our power supply tested by an electrician, who informed us there were no issues with the power. We subsequently got an IT consultant to examine the iTouch system. The RST iTouch EPOS system is developed in Foxpro, which is an archaic and redundant software development tool, that was never designed for network reliability. The system continued to crash, ALWAYS at busy times.
    We got rid of the system after 3 weeks of a nightmare. We subsequently spoke to numerous other restaurateurs in Dublin that had the exact same problems with RST iTouch. My advice is to stay well clear of RST and iTouch. They don't have a reliable epos system, nor do they have any local support in Republic of Ireland.
    Avoid, at all costs.

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    Sundaram 6 years ago

    This was a very good alternative in the early days, when there is only IE. This gives an greater look and feel browser. The sad thing is "Official support ended on March 1st, 2008".

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    Murtuza 7 years ago

    The new Netscape Navigator takes a Firefox foundation, some neat Sidebar innovations, and an inside track to the social-networking and news site to create a browser that has some great features with minimal wonkiness. is a huge part of the new Navigator: some new features might not be of interest if you don't hang out there. The Share button inside the address bar connects you directly to Highlight content from the page and hit Share. The content becomes a summary, in a box that just needs a few tags to be submitted to the collective. Already-posted articles show Vote and Discuss icons instead of Share.
    Bookmarks and History are self-explanatory sidebars, but a series of ones work well, too. Netscape Friends' Activity shows you what your friends have been doing, Netscape Tracker tracks the latest site updates, and Netscape News tracks only news posts. users--a small, rebellious group, no doubt--will appreciate the Mini-Browser sidebar, which is essentially two tabs opened simultaneously, and the Link Pad, a savable URL notepad. Drag-and-drop adds a URL, clicking on the saved link opens it in a new tab. This is one of Navigator's new tricks that I love, but wish had more traditional notepad functionality. All Sidebar features have toolbar icons that you can add at will.
    Most of the bundled features from version 8 have been removed. IE mode, integrated AOL IM, RSS reader, form filler, and security suite are gone, but the compatibility with Firefox 2 extensions and LinkPad more than make up for the loss. The innovations here might make this more than a backup browser...

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